Represents a separately namespaced collection of storable data items. The SDK passes instances of this type to the persistent data store to specify whether it is referring to a feature flag, a user segment, etc. The data store implementation should not look for a specific data kind (such as feature flags), but should treat all data kinds generically.


  • PersistentStoreDataKind




namespace: string


  • Creates an item of this kind from its serialized representation.

    The SDK uses this function to translate data that is returned by a PersistentDataStore. Store implementations do not normally need to call it, but there is a special case described in the documentation for PersistentDataStore, regarding updates.

    The returned ItemDescriptor has two properties: ItemDescriptor#item, which is the deserialized object or a null value for a deleted item placeholder, and ItemDescriptor#version, which provides the object's version number regardless of whether it is deleted or not.


    • data: string

      the serialized representation

    Returns undefined | ItemDescriptor

    an ItemDescriptor describing the deserialized object or null if the item could not be deserialized

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