A read-only data store that allows querying of user membership in Big Segments.

Big Segments are a specific type of user segments. For more information, read the LaunchDarkly documentation: https://docs.launchdarkly.com/home/users/big-segments


  • BigSegmentStore


  • Releases any resources being used by the store.

    Returns void

  • Queries information about the overall state of the store.

    The resolved value of the Promise should always be a BigSegmentStoreMetadata object. If the store is accessible but contains no metadata, the object's lastUpToDate property can be undefined. If the store is not accessible due to a database error, the method can throw an exception/reject the promise.

    This method will be called only when the SDK needs the latest state, so it should not be cached.

    Returns Promise<undefined | BigSegmentStoreMetadata>

    a Promise for the result of the query

  • Queries the store for a snapshot of the current segment state for a specific user.

    The userHash is a base64-encoded string produced by hashing the user key as defined by the Big Segments specification; the store implementation does not need to know the details of how this is done, because it deals only with already-hashed keys, but the string can be assumed to only contain characters that are valid in base64.

    The resolved value of the Promise should be either a BigSegmentStoreMembership, or undefined if the user is not referenced in any Big Segments (this is equivalent to a BigSegmentStoreMembership that has no properties).


    • userHash: string

      identifies the user

    Returns Promise<undefined | BigSegmentStoreMembership>

    a Promise for the result of the query.

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