Information about the status of a Big Segment store, provided by BigSegmentStoreStatusProvider.

Big Segments are a specific type of user segments. For more information, read the LaunchDarkly documentation:


  • BigSegmentStoreStatus



available: boolean

True if the Big Segment store is able to respond to queries, so that the SDK can evaluate whether a user is in a segment or not.

If this property is false, the store is not able to make queries (for instance, it may not have a valid database connection). In this case, the SDK will treat any reference to a Big Segment as if no users are included in that segment. Also, the LDEvaluationReason associated with any flag evaluation that references a Big Segment when the store is not available will have a bigSegmentsStatus of "STORE_ERROR".

stale: boolean

True if the Big Segment store is available, but has not been updated within the amount of time specified by LDBigSegmentsOptions.staleAfter.

This may indicate that the LaunchDarkly Relay Proxy, which populates the store, has stopped running or has become unable to receive fresh data from LaunchDarkly. Any feature flag evaluations that reference a Big Segment will be using the last known data, which may be out of date.

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