• DiagnosticsManager


  • Parameters

    • sdkKey: string
    • platform: Platform
    • diagnosticInitConfig: any

    Returns DiagnosticsManager


dataSinceDate: any
diagnosticInitConfig: any
id: any
platform: any
startTime: any
streamInits: any


  • Creates the initial event that is sent by the event processor when the SDK starts up. This will not be repeated during the lifetime of the SDK client.

    Returns DiagnosticInitEvent

  • Creates a periodic event containing time-dependent stats, and resets the state of the manager with regard to those stats.

    Note: the reason droppedEvents, deduplicatedUsers, and eventsInLastBatch are passed into this function, instead of being properties of the DiagnosticsManager, is that the event processor is the one who's calling this function and is also the one who's tracking those stats.


    • droppedEvents: number
    • deduplicatedUsers: number
    • eventsInLastBatch: number

    Returns DiagnosticStatsEvent

  • Records a stream connection attempt (called by the stream processor).


    • timestamp: number

      Time of the beginning of the connection attempt.

    • failed: boolean

      True if the connection failed, or we got a read timeout before receiving a "put".

    • durationMillis: number

      Elapsed time between starting timestamp and when we either gave up/lost the connection or received a successful "put".

    Returns void

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