A context which represents a single kind.

For a single kind context the 'kind' may not be 'multi'.

const myOrgContext = {
kind: 'org',
key: 'my-org-key',
someAttribute: 'my-attribute-value'

The above context would be a single kind context representing an organization. It has a key for that organization, and a single attribute 'someAttribute'.



Meta attributes are used to control behavioral aspects of the Context, such as private private attributes. See LDContextMeta.privateAttributes as an example.

They cannot be addressed in targeting rules.

anonymous?: boolean

If true, the context will not appear on the Contexts page in the LaunchDarkly dashboard.

key: string

A unique string identifying a context.

kind: string

The kind of the context.

name?: string

The context's name.

You can search for contexts on the Contexts page by name.

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