• AttributeReference


  • Take an attribute reference string, or literal string, and produce an attribute reference.

    Legacy user objects would have been created with names not references. So, in that case, we need to use them as a component without escaping them.

    e.g. A user could contain a custom attribute of /a which would become the literal a if treated as a reference. Which would cause it to no longer be redacted.


    • refOrLiteral: string

      The attribute reference string or literal string.

    • Optional literal: boolean

      it true the value should be treated as a literal.


    Returns AttributeReference


components: any
isValid: boolean
redactionName: string

When redacting attributes this name can be directly added to the list of redactions.

invalidReference: AttributeReference

For use as invalid references when deserializing Flag/Segment data.


  • get depth(): number
  • Returns number

  • get isKind(): boolean
  • Returns boolean


  • Parameters

    Returns boolean

  • Parameters

    • depth: number

    Returns string

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