LDConfigBuilder constructor Null safety

  1. String _mobileKey,
  2. AutoEnvAttributes autoEnvAttributes

Create a new LDConfigBuilder. Configurable values are all set to their default values. The client app can modify these values as desired.

  • Parameters:
    • mobileKey: key for authentication with LaunchDarkly.
    • autoEnvAttributes: Enable / disable Auto Environment Attributes functionality. When enabled, the SDK will automatically provide data about the mobile environment where the application is running. This data makes it simpler to target your mobile customers based on application name or version, or on device characteristics including manufacturer, model, operating system, locale, and so on. We recommend enabling this when you configure the SDK. See https://docs.launchdarkly.com/sdk/features/environment-attributes for more documentation.


LDConfigBuilder(this._mobileKey, AutoEnvAttributes autoEnvAttributes) {
  _autoEnvAttributes = autoEnvAttributes == AutoEnvAttributes.Enabled; // mapping enum to boolean