LDConfigBuilder class Null safety

A builder for LDConfig.


LDConfigBuilder(String _mobileKey)
Create a new LDConfigBuilder for the given mobile key.


hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
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allAttributesPrivate(bool allAttributesPrivate) LDConfigBuilder
Configures the SDK to never include optional attribute values in analytics events.
autoAliasingOptOut(bool autoAliasingOptOut) LDConfigBuilder
Set to true to opt out of sending automatic alias events. [...]
backgroundPollingIntervalMillis(int backgroundPollingIntervalMillis) LDConfigBuilder
Sets the interval between background flag poll requests. [...]
build() LDConfig
Create an LDConfig from the current configuration of the builder.
connectionTimeoutMillis(int connectionTimeoutMillis) LDConfigBuilder
Sets the connection timeout for network requests.
diagnosticOptOut(bool diagnosticOptOut) LDConfigBuilder
Set to true to opt out of sending diagnostics data. [...]
diagnosticRecordingIntervalMillis(int diagnosticRecordingIntervalMillis) LDConfigBuilder
Set the interval at which periodic diagnostic data is sent. [...]
disableBackgroundUpdating(bool disableBackgroundUpdating) LDConfigBuilder
Disables or enables background polling requests for flag values. [...]
evaluationReasons(bool evaluationReasons) LDConfigBuilder
Configure whether the SDK will request evaluation reasons to be included in flag data from the service. [...]
eventsCapacity(int eventsCapacity) LDConfigBuilder
Set the capacity of the event buffer. [...]
eventsFlushIntervalMillis(int eventsFlushIntervalMillis) LDConfigBuilder
Sets the maximum amount of time in between sending analytics events to LaunchDarkly.
eventsUri(String eventsUri) LDConfigBuilder
Sets the URI for eventing requests.
inlineUsersInEvents(bool inlineUsersInEvents) LDConfigBuilder
Sets whether the SDK will send the entire LDUser object to the service in every event. [...]
maxCachedUsers(int maxCachedUsers) LDConfigBuilder
Sets how many users to store the flag values for in on-device storage. [...]
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed. [...]
offline(bool offline) LDConfigBuilder
Disables or enables network calls from the LaunchDarkly client. [...]
pollingIntervalMillis(int pollingIntervalMillis) LDConfigBuilder
Sets the interval between foreground flag poll requests. [...]
pollUri(String pollUri) LDConfigBuilder
Sets the URI for polling requests.
privateAttributeNames(Set<String> privateAttributeNames) LDConfigBuilder
Sets a Set of private attributes to never include the values for in analytics events.
stream(bool stream) LDConfigBuilder
Enables or disables real-time streaming flag updates. [...]
streamUri(String streamUri) LDConfigBuilder
Sets the URI for stream requests.
toString() String
A string representation of this object. [...]
useReport(bool useReport) LDConfigBuilder
Configure whether the SDK should use the HTTP REPORT verb for flag requests. [...]


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