LDInternalOptions: {
    analyticsEventPath?: string;
    diagnosticEventPath?: string;
    highTimeoutThreshold?: number;
    includeAuthorizationHeader?: boolean;

This is for internal use only.

Edge sdks use clientSideID to query feature stores. They also send analytics using this clientSideID. This is a hybrid behavior because they are based on js-server-common, but uses the clientSideID instead of the sdkKey for the above reasons. These internal options allow the edge sdks to use the EventSender to send analytics to the correct LD endpoints using the clientSideId.

Type declaration

  • Optional analyticsEventPath?: string
  • Optional diagnosticEventPath?: string
  • Optional highTimeoutThreshold?: number

    In seconds. Log a warning if identifyTimeout is greater than this value.

    Mobile - 15s. Browser - 5s. Server - 60s.

  • Optional includeAuthorizationHeader?: boolean

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