Contributing to the LaunchDarkly SDK for iOS

LaunchDarkly has published an SDK contributor’s guide that provides a detailed explanation of how our SDKs work. See below for additional information on how to contribute to this SDK.

Submitting bug reports and feature requests

The LaunchDarkly SDK team monitors the issue tracker in the SDK repository. Bug reports and feature requests specific to this SDK should be filed in this issue tracker. The SDK team will respond to all newly filed issues within two business days.

Submitting pull requests

We encourage pull requests and other contributions from the community. Before submitting pull requests, ensure that all temporary or unintended code is removed. Don’t worry about adding reviewers to the pull request; the LaunchDarkly SDK team will add themselves. The SDK team will acknowledge all pull requests within two business days.

Build instructions


This SDK is built with Xcode. This version is built and tested with Xcode 11.5.

Mint is used to manage dev tooling (SwiftLint and Sourcery). The build is set up so these are not required for building the current code in the repository, but Sourcery is used to regenerate test mocks so it may be required when building the test target after changes to the SDK code. Install mint with brew install mint.


The exact command used to build the SDK depends on where you want to use it (for example – iOS, watchOS, etc.). Refer to the xcodebuild commands in the SDK’s continuous integration build configuration for examples on how to build for the different platforms.

If you wish to clean your working directory between builds, include the clean goal in your xcodebuild command(s).


To build the SDK and run all unit tests, include the test goal in your xcodebuild command(s).