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An interface for querying the status of a Big Segment store.

The Big Segment store is the component that receives information about Big Segments, normally from a database populated by the LaunchDarkly Relay Proxy. Big Segments are a specific type of user segments. For more information, read the LaunchDarkly documentation: https://docs.launchdarkly.com/home/users/big-segments

An implementation of this interface is returned by LDClient.bigSegmentStoreStatusProvider. Application code never needs to implement this interface.

Note that this type inherits from EventEmitter, so you can use the standard on(), once(), and off() methods to receive status change events. The standard EventEmitter methods are not documented here; see the Node API documentation. The type of the status change event is "change", and its value is the same value that would be returned by getStatus.


  • EventEmitter
    • BigSegmentStoreStatusProvider



  • Gets the current status of the store, if known.

    Returns undefined | BigSegmentStoreStatus

    a BigSegmentStoreStatus, or undefined if the SDK has not yet queried the Big Segment store status

  • Gets the current status of the store, querying it if the status has not already been queried.

    Returns Promise<BigSegmentStoreStatus>

    a Promise for the status of the store

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