Additional parameters to pass to the Node HTTPS API for secure requests. These can include any of the TLS-related parameters supported by https.request(), such as ca, cert, and key. This object should be stored in the tlsParams property of LDOptions.

For more information, see the Node documentation for https.request() and tls.connect().


  • LDTLSOptions


ca?: string | string[] | Buffer | Buffer[]
cert?: string | string[] | Buffer | Buffer[]
checkServerIdentity?: ((servername: string, cert: any) => undefined | Error)

Type declaration

    • (servername: string, cert: any): undefined | Error
    • Parameters

      • servername: string
      • cert: any

      Returns undefined | Error

ciphers?: string
key?: string | string[] | Buffer | Buffer[] | object[]
passphrase?: string
pfx?: string | string[] | Buffer | Buffer[] | object[]
rejectUnauthorized?: boolean
secureProtocol?: string
servername?: string

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