@launchdarkly/node-server-sdk - v9.2.0

This is the API reference for the LaunchDarkly Server-Side SDK for Node.js.

In typical usage, you will call init once at startup time to obtain an instance of LDClient, which provides access to all of the SDK's functionality.

For more information, see the SDK reference guide.






Type Aliases



Re-exports ApplicationTags
Re-exports AttributeReference
Re-exports AutoEnvAttributes
Re-exports BasicLogger
Re-exports BasicLoggerOptions
Re-exports ClientContext
Re-exports Context
Re-exports ContextFilter
Re-exports Crypto
Re-exports DataKind
Re-exports DateValidator
Re-exports Encoding
Re-exports EventListener
Re-exports EventName
Re-exports EventSource
Re-exports EventSourceInitDict
Re-exports FactoryOrInstance
Re-exports Filesystem
Re-exports Function
Re-exports Hasher
Re-exports Headers
Re-exports Hmac
Re-exports HttpErrorResponse
Re-exports Info
Re-exports KindValidator
Re-exports LDApplication
Re-exports LDClientContext
Re-exports LDClientError
Re-exports LDContext
Re-exports LDContextCommon
Re-exports LDContextMeta
Re-exports LDDevice
Re-exports LDEvaluationDetail
Re-exports LDEvaluationDetailTyped
Re-exports LDEvaluationReason
Re-exports LDFeatureStore
Re-exports LDFeatureStoreDataStorage
Re-exports LDFeatureStoreItem
Re-exports LDFeatureStoreKindData
Re-exports LDFileDataSourceError
Re-exports LDFlagSet
Re-exports LDFlagValue
Re-exports LDHeaders
Re-exports LDKeyedFeatureStoreItem
Re-exports LDLogLevel
Re-exports LDLogger
Re-exports LDMultiKindContext
Re-exports LDPollingError
Re-exports LDSingleKindContext
Re-exports LDStreamingError
Re-exports LDUnexpectedResponseError
Re-exports LDUser
Re-exports NullableBoolean
Re-exports NumberWithMinimum
Re-exports OptionMessages
Re-exports Options
Re-exports Platform
Re-exports PlatformData
Re-exports ProcessStreamResponse
Re-exports Requests
Re-exports Response
Re-exports SafeLogger
Re-exports SdkData
Re-exports ServiceEndpoints
Re-exports Storage
Re-exports StringMatchingRegex
Re-exports Type
Re-exports TypeArray
Re-exports TypeValidator
Re-exports TypeValidators
Re-exports VoidFunction
Re-exports WatchHandle
Re-exports base64UrlEncode
Re-exports clone
Re-exports createSafeLogger
Re-exports debounce
Re-exports deepCompact
Re-exports defaultHeaders
Re-exports fastDeepEqual
Re-exports httpErrorMessage
Re-exports internal
Re-exports isHttpLocallyRecoverable
Re-exports isHttpRecoverable
Re-exports noop
Re-exports secondsToMillis
Re-exports shouldRetry
Re-exports sleep
Re-exports subsystem

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