Class StreamingDataSourceBuilder

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        public static final java.time.Duration DEFAULT_INITIAL_RECONNECT_DELAY
        The default value for initialReconnectDelay(Duration): 1000 milliseconds.
      • initialReconnectDelay

        protected java.time.Duration initialReconnectDelay
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      • StreamingDataSourceBuilder

        public StreamingDataSourceBuilder()
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      • initialReconnectDelay

        public StreamingDataSourceBuilder initialReconnectDelay​(java.time.Duration initialReconnectDelay)
        Sets the initial reconnect delay for the streaming connection.

        The streaming service uses a backoff algorithm (with jitter) every time the connection needs to be reestablished. The delay for the first reconnection will start near this value, and then increase exponentially for any subsequent connection failures.

        The default value is DEFAULT_INITIAL_RECONNECT_DELAY.

        initialReconnectDelay - the reconnect time base value; null to use the default
        the builder