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LaunchDarkly SDK
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launchdarkly::config::Config< SDK > Struct Template Reference

#include <config.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Config (std::string sdk_key, bool offline, shared::built::Logging logging, shared::built::ServiceEndpoints endpoints, shared::built::Events events, std::optional< std::string > application_tag, shared::built::DataSourceConfig< SDK > data_source_config, shared::built::HttpProperties http_properties, shared::built::Persistence< SDK > persistence)
std::string const & SdkKey () const
shared::built::ServiceEndpoints const & ServiceEndpoints () const
shared::built::Events const & Events () const
std::optional< std::string > const & ApplicationTag () const
config::shared::built::DataSourceConfig< SDK > const & DataSourceConfig () const
shared::built::HttpProperties const & HttpProperties () const
bool Offline () const
shared::built::Logging const & Logging () const
shared::built::Persistence< SDK > const & Persistence () const

Detailed Description

template<typename SDK>
struct launchdarkly::config::Config< SDK >

Config represents the configuration for a LaunchDarkly C++ SDK. It should be passed into an instance of Client.

Template Parameters
SDKType of SDK.

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