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memory.h File Reference

Public API. Operations for managing memory. More...

#include <stddef.h>
#include <launchdarkly/export.h>
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void * LDAlloc (const size_t bytes)
 Equivalent to malloc
void LDFree (void *const buffer)
 Equivalent to free
char * LDStrDup (const char *const string)
 Equivalent to strdup
void * LDRealloc (void *const buffer, const size_t bytes)
 Equivalent to realloc
void * LDCalloc (const size_t nmemb, const size_t size)
 Equivalent to calloc
char * LDStrNDup (const char *const str, const size_t n)
 Equivalent to strndup
void LDSetMemoryRoutines (void *(*const newMalloc)(const size_t), void(*const newFree)(void *const), void *(*const newRealloc)(void *const, const size_t), char *(*const newStrDup)(const char *const), void *(*const newCalloc)(const size_t, const size_t), char *(*const newStrNDup)(const char *const, const size_t))
 Set all the memory related functions to be used by the SDK.
void LDGlobalInit (void)
 Must be called once before any other API function.

Detailed Description

Public API. Operations for managing memory.