Class PollingDataSourceBuilder

All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class PollingDataSourceBuilder extends Object implements ComponentConfigurer<DataSource>
Contains methods for configuring the polling data source.

Polling is not the default behavior; by default, the SDK uses a streaming connection to receive feature flag data from LaunchDarkly whenever the application is in the foreground. In polling mode, the SDK instead makes a new HTTP request to LaunchDarkly at regular intervals. HTTP caching allows it to avoid redundantly downloading data if there have been no changes, but polling is still less efficient than streaming and should only be used on the advice of LaunchDarkly support.

To use polling mode, create a builder with Components.pollingDataSource(), set any custom options if desired with the methods of this class, and pass it to LDConfig.Builder.dataSource(ComponentConfigurer):

     LDConfig config = new LDConfig.Builder()

Note that this class is abstract; the actual implementation is created by calling Components.pollingDataSource().