Class LDTimberLogging.Adapter

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      • autoPlantDebugTree

        public LDTimberLogging.Adapter autoPlantDebugTree​(boolean autoPlantDebugTree)
        Returns a modified logging adapter with the automatic debug tree behavior changed.

        By default, this property is true, meaning that the SDK will automatically call Timber.plant(new Timber.DebugTree) at initialization time if and only if BuildConfig.DEBUG is true. If you set it to false as shown below, then the SDK will never create a DebugTree and the application is responsible for doing so if desired.

             LDConfig config = new LDConfig.Builder()

        In a future version, this automatic behavior may be removed, since it is arguably more correct for library code to leave all Tree-planting to the application. The behavior is retained in the current release for backward compatibility.

        autoPlantDebugTree - true to retain the default automatic DebugTree behavior, or false to disable it
        a modified LDTimberLogging.Adapter with the specified behavior