Class DataModel.Flag

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public static final class DataModel.Flag extends Object
Represents the state of a feature flag evaluation received from LaunchDarkly.
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      public Flag(@NonNull String key, @NonNull LDValue value, int version, @Nullable Integer flagVersion, @Nullable Integer variation, boolean trackEvents, boolean trackReason, @Nullable Long debugEventsUntilDate, @Nullable EvaluationReason reason)
      Constructs an instance, specifying all properties.
      key - the flag key
      value - the current value
      version - a value that is incremented with each update
      flagVersion - the current flag version for analytics events
      variation - variation index of the result
      trackEvents - true if full event tracking is enabled
      trackReason - true if events must include evaluation reasons
      debugEventsUntilDate - non-null if debugging is enabled
      reason - evaluation reason of the result, or null if not available
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