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An interface for querying the status of the SDK's data source. The data source is the component that receives updates to feature flag data; normally this is a streaming connection, but it could be polling or file data depending on your configuration.

An implementation of this interface is returned by LDClient#data_source_status_provider. Application code never needs to implement this interface.

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#add_listener(listener) ⇒ Object

Subscribes for notifications of status changes.

The listener will be notified whenever any property of the status has changed. See LaunchDarkly::Interfaces::DataSource::Status for an explanation of the meaning of each property and what could cause it to change.

Notifications will be dispatched on a worker thread. It is the listener's responsibility to return as soon as possible so as not to block subsequent notifications.


  • the (#update)

    listener to add

# File 'lib/ldclient-rb/interfaces.rb', line 604

def add_listener(listener) end

#remove_listener(listener) ⇒ Object

Unsubscribes from notifications of status changes.

# File 'lib/ldclient-rb/interfaces.rb', line 609

def remove_listener(listener) end


Returns the current status of the data source.

All of the built-in data source implementations are guaranteed to update this status whenever they successfully initialize, encounter an error, or recover after an error.

For a custom data source implementation, it is the responsibility of the data source to push status updates to the SDK; if it does not do so, the status will always be reported as LaunchDarkly::Interfaces::DataSource::Status::INITIALIZING.


# File 'lib/ldclient-rb/interfaces.rb', line 590

def status