LaunchDarkly PHP SDK Predis integration 1.3.0


Integration with a Redis data store using the `predis` package.

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featureRequester()  : mixed
Configures an adapter for reading feature flag data from Redis.



Configures an adapter for reading feature flag data from Redis.

public static featureRequester([array<string|int, mixed> $options = [] ]) : mixed

After calling this method, store its return value in the feature_requester property of your client configuration:

$fr = LaunchDarkly\Integrations\Redis::featureRequester([ "redis_prefix" => "env1" ]);
$config = [ "feature_requester" => $fr ];
$client = new LDClient("sdk_key", $config);

For more about using LaunchDarkly with databases, see the SDK reference guide.

$options : array<string|int, mixed> = []

Configuration settings (can also be passed in the main client configuration):

  • redis_host: hostname of the Redis server; defaults to localhost
  • redis_port: port of the Redis server; defaults to 6379
  • redis_timeout: connection timeout in seconds; defaults to 5
  • redis_prefix: a string to be prepended to all database keys; corresponds to the prefix setting in ld-relay
  • predis_client: an already-configured Predis client instance if you wish to reuse one; if specified, this will cause all other options except redis_prefix and apc_expiration to be ignored
  • predis_options: an array of connection options to be passed directly to the Predis client; these can include any options supported by Predis\Client, and will override any equivalent top-level options (for instance, "host" in predis_options takes priority over "redis_host" at the top level)
  • apc_expiration: expiration time in seconds for local caching, if APCu is installed
Return values

an object to be stored in the feature_requester configuration property

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