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LdClientBoolVariation Method

Calculates the boolean value of a feature flag for a given user.

Namespace:  LaunchDarkly.Client
Assembly:  LaunchDarkly.ServerSdk (in LaunchDarkly.ServerSdk.dll) Version: 5.14.0
public bool BoolVariation(
	string key,
	User user,
	bool defaultValue = false


Type: SystemString
the unique feature key for the feature flag
Type: LaunchDarkly.ClientUser
the end user requesting the flag
defaultValue (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
the default value of the flag

Return Value

Type: Boolean
the variation for the given user, or defaultValue if the flag cannot be evaluated


ILdClientBoolVariation(String, User, Boolean)

If the flag variation does not have a boolean value, defaultValue is returned.

If an error makes it impossible to evaluate the flag (for instance, the feature flag key does not match any existing flag), defaultValue is returned.

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