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LdClientAllFlagsState Method

Returns an object that encapsulates the state of all feature flags for a given user, which can be passed to front-end code.

Namespace:  LaunchDarkly.Client
Assembly:  LaunchDarkly.ServerSdk (in LaunchDarkly.ServerSdk.dll) Version: 5.14.0
public FeatureFlagsState AllFlagsState(
	User user,
	params FlagsStateOption[] options


Type: LaunchDarkly.ClientUser
the end user requesting the feature flags
Type: LaunchDarkly.ClientFlagsStateOption
optional FlagsStateOption values affecting how the state is computed - for instance, to filter the set of flags to only include the client-side-enabled ones

Return Value

Type: FeatureFlagsState
a FeatureFlagsState object (will never be null; see Valid


ILdClientAllFlagsState(User, FlagsStateOption)

The object returned by this method contains the flag values as well as other metadata that is used by the LaunchDarkly JavaScript client, so it can be used for bootstrapping.

This method will not send analytics events back to LaunchDarkly.

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