Interface DiagnosticDescription

public interface DiagnosticDescription
Optional interface for components to describe their own configuration.

The SDK uses a simplified JSON representation of its configuration when recording diagnostics data. Any class that implements ComponentConfigurer may choose to contribute values to this representation, although the SDK may or may not use them. For components that do not implement this interface, the SDK may instead describe them using getClass().getSimpleName().

The describeConfiguration(ClientContext) method should return either null or a JSON value. For custom components, the value must be a string that describes the basic nature of this component implementation (e.g. "Redis"). Built-in LaunchDarkly components may instead return a JSON object containing multiple properties specific to the LaunchDarkly diagnostic schema.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Used internally by the SDK to inspect the configuration.
  • Method Details

    • describeConfiguration

      LDValue describeConfiguration(ClientContext clientContext)
      Used internally by the SDK to inspect the configuration.
      clientContext - allows access to the client configuration
      an LDValue or null