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IConfigurationBuilder Interface

A mutable object that uses the Builder pattern to specify properties for a Configuration object.

Namespace:  LaunchDarkly.Client
Assembly:  LaunchDarkly.ServerSdk (in LaunchDarkly.ServerSdk.dll) Version: 5.13.0
public interface IConfigurationBuilder

The IConfigurationBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public methodAllAttributesPrivate
Sets whether or not user attributes (other than the key) should be private (not sent to the LaunchDarkly server).
Public methodBaseUri
Sets the base URI of the LaunchDarkly server.
Public methodBuild
Creates a Configuration based on the properties that have been set on the builder. Modifying the builder after this point does not affect the returned Configuration.
Public methodDiagnosticOptOut
Set to true to opt out of sending diagnostic events.
Public methodDiagnosticRecordingInterval
Sets the interval at which periodic diagnostic events will be sent.
Public methodEventCapacity
Sets the capacity of the events buffer.
Public methodEventFlushInterval
Sets the time between flushes of the event buffer.
Public methodEventProcessorFactory
Sets the implementation of IEventProcessor to be used for processing analytics events.
Public methodEventsUri
Sets the base URL of the LaunchDarkly analytics event server.
Public methodFeatureStoreFactory
Sets the implementation of IFeatureStore to be used for holding feature flags and related data received from LaunchDarkly.
Public methodHttpClientHandler
Sets the object to be used for sending HTTP requests. This is exposed for testing purposes.
Public methodHttpClientTimeout
Sets the connection timeout. The default value is 10 seconds.
Public methodInlineUsersInEvents
Sets whether to include full user details in every analytics event.
Public methodIsStreamingEnabled
Sets whether or not the streaming API should be used to receive flag updates.
Public methodOffline
Sets whether or not this client is offline. If true, no calls to Launchdarkly will be made.
Public methodPollingInterval
Sets the polling interval (when streaming is disabled).
Public methodPrivateAttribute
Marks an attribute name as private.
Public methodReadTimeout
Sets the timeout when reading data from the streaming connection.
Public methodReconnectTime
Sets the reconnect base time for the streaming connection.
Public methodSdkKey
Sets the SDK key for your LaunchDarkly environment.
Public methodStartWaitTime
Sets how long the client constructor will block awaiting a successful connection to LaunchDarkly.
Public methodStreamUri
Sets the base URI of the LaunchDarkly streaming server.
Public methodUpdateProcessorFactory
Sets the implementation of IUpdateProcessor to be used for receiving feature flag data.
Public methodUseLdd
Sets whether this client should use the LaunchDarkly relay in daemon mode, instead of subscribing to the streaming or polling API.
Public methodUserKeysCapacity
Sets the number of user keys that the event processor can remember at any one time.
Public methodUserKeysFlushInterval
Sets the interval at which the event processor will clear its cache of known user keys.
Public methodWrapperName
For use by wrapper libraries to set an identifying name for the wrapper being used. This will be sent in request headers during requests to the LaunchDarkly servers to allow recording metrics on the usage of these wrapper libraries.
Public methodWrapperVersion
For use by wrapper libraries to set version to be included alongside a WrapperName. If WrapperName is unset or null, this field will be ignored.
Obtain an instance of this class by calling Builder(String). All of the builder methods for setting a configuration property return a reference to the same builder, so they can be chained together.
var config = Configuration.Builder("my-sdk-key")
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